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Chandler Life Insurance

A unique suburb of Phoenix, Chandler houses 240,595 people according to 2006 census estimates. The city was settled by Dr. Alexander Chandler, who was the first veterinary surgeon to live in Arizona. Eventually, Dr. Chandler’s plans for a townsite became a reality when Chandler was officially founded on May 17, 1912. Between 1990 and 2000, the population of Chandler almost doubled as the suburbs of Phoenix exploded. Chandler is also one of the wealthiest suburbs of Phoenix, with a median household income of about $70,000. For a Chandler family, the median income is about $81,000.

Culturally, Chandler is well-known for its annual Ostrich Festival that takes place in March of each year. The festival is a nod to the ostrich farms that once existed in Chandler during the early nineteen hundreds. The farms were built to produce the plumes featured in women’s hats during the time.

Geographically, Chandler is bordered by Phoenix to the west, Gilbert to the east, Mesa and Tempe to the north, and the Gila Indian reservation to the south. Chandler also houses a number of satellite offices for technological companies like Intel.

Finding Coverage in Chandler

Chandlerites are no different from anyone else in the country in their need for adequate life insurance coverage. The best and easiest place to shop for your Chandler life insurance policy is right here. To get started, you can type in your information into the field at the top of the page and get an idea how much the coverage you want costs in the Chandler area. All the rates you see will be geographically accurate and tailored to your individual traits, including age, gender, and so forth.

For general information on how to select a Chandler life insurance policy and provider, check out the informative articles on our other pages. You can learn everything from how to calculate your coverage needs to how to save on your premiums.

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