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Life Insurance Glossary

Like any form of insurance, it may seem like people are speaking a different language when talking about life insurance. Get up to speed with this helpful glossary of important life insurance terms.

  • Beneficiary - The person or persons eligible to receive the life insurance proceeds upon the death of the insured.
  • Convertible Term Life Insurance - A term life insurance policy that can be adjusted to a permanent life insurance policy at the policy owner's behest.
  • Cash Value - Usually found in whole life or universal life insurance policies, this refers to the amount of money a policy owner would receive should they cancel their insurance or allow it to lapse.
  • Death Benefit - The amount payable after the death of the insured.
  • Death Claim - Request for payment to the insurance provider by the beneficiary.
  • Exclusions - Limits or conditions listed in a policy for which the benefit will not be paid.
  • Insurability - Acceptability of an insurance company to provide coverage for an individual.
  • Lapse - Termination of a policy due to unpaid premiums.
  • Loan - A loan made from the insurance provider to the policy owner, secured by the policy's cash value. The outstanding amount of the loan is deducted from the benefits.
  • Policy Owner - The person who owns a life insurance policy, the insured.
  • Premiums - The amount of money that must be paid to the insurance provider to keep the policy in good standing.
  • Rider - A provision attached to a policy outlining restrictions or limitations.
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