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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I am getting the best rate?

Life insurance rates are approximations of the premiums you will pay for a life insurance policy with a particular insurer. On our site, you will see the life insurance quotes from at least four different companies side-by-side to help you compare policies easily. You will see your life insurance quotes in plain, straightforward language to help you compare apples-to-apples.

How do I get personalized quotes?

You can sign up for free quotes on life insurance by filling out our simple, online form. The form will ask you for some basic contact information and should only take you a couple of minutes to complete. Once we have your sign-up form, we will supply you with a minimum of four quotes on life insurance from various insurers. You can then compare these quotes on premiums and coverage levels to decide which is best for you. If you see a policy that fits your needs, you can apply for that policy with the insurer that offers it. Alternatively, you can save your quotes to review later.

Are you a life insurance company?

No, we are not a life insurance company or an insurer of any kind. Instead, we are a free matching service that connects our visitors with life insurance companies that can provide affordable life insurance premiums. Our goal is to serve as a one-stop-shopping destination for our visitors looking to buy life insurance. Basically, we take all of the work out of comparison shopping for life insurance policies.

What types of life insurance are available?

Our life insurance partners offer all kinds of life insurance policies. The primary types of plans are term life insurance and whole life insurance. Depending on the insurer, you can also receive quotes on other policies.

What's the difference between term and permanent life insurance?

Term life insurance is for people who need short-term life insurance protection. Term life insurance might be ideal for you if you have a need for a large amount of coverage on a small budget. Conversely, permanent life insurance offers a lifetime of insurance protection. Permanent life insurance also usually has the ability to accrue cash value over time.

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