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Free Term Life Insurance Quotes

In the past, carriers used to charge for the quotes they provided on their term life insurance policies, but the Internet has eliminated the need for these frivolous fees. Now, the online term life insurance marketplace has become so competitive that companies cannot afford to charge for their quotes for fear they will lose consumers' business. has capitalized on this trend, partnering with the most prestigious carriers willing to offer free term life insurance quotes with no strings attached. Read on to learn just how easy it is to secure a free insurance life quote term when you use

Multiple Quotes, One Free Request

To obtain a free term life insurance quote, you simply input your ZIP code into the field above to initiate the quick, hassle-free process. At, we go above and beyond the efforts of competing sites by offering our visitors not just one free term life insurance quote online, but up to five in many cases. These free term life quotes come from top-notch providers and are free of any obligation to buy. Whether you are looking to browse or buy, is the most cost-effective and efficient way to do so. No other site offers as many quotes from respected carriers at no cost.

No Initial Investment

Why invest in a policy before you're even certain it offers what you need? In other words, why pay for a quote on a policy that you may or may not choose to accept? believes consumers have the right to a free online term life insurance quote without having to pay any out-of-pocket expense or make a long-term commitment. Term life insurance free quotes are critical to the information-gathering stage of the purchasing process, and is the ideal medium through which to conduct that research. Explore your options cost- and obligation-free by shopping with us.

Specify Your Terms

With the typical free term life insurance online quote, you receive a figure based on policy so generic that the estimate is essentially meaningless to you. At, we take a different, more customized approach. Beginning with your ZIP code, you will be able to set the parameters of your desired policy, such as death benefit and term length, so the free term life quote you receive is as accurate and relevant to you as possible. You can rest assured that the free estimates you obtain through this site will be applicable enough to form the basis of your final coverage decision.