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How to Get Term Life Insurance Discounts

Discount term life insurance is not as elusive as you might think. Heavily discounted policies are readily available online; you just have to know where to look. Generally speaking, you will find the lowest term life insurance premiums when you use a site that displays the offers of multiple carriers simultaneously, like ours. Competition forces premiums down, and term life insurance discounts are much more attainable as well. Use the following tips to qualify for as many term insurance discounts as possible.

Consider Discounts as You Shop

Life insurance shoppers tend to forget that the carrier that appears to offer the lowest premiums is not necessarily the carrier that can offer you the most substantial term life discounts. As you shop for an insurer, consider whether discount term life insurance will be a possibility for you with each carrier. Find out which carrier will offer you the most generous discounts given your age, health status, and other relevant factors. You can get a good feel for the carriers that offer the most deeply discounted term life insurance by requesting free quotes here and comparing various insurers.

Show Your Loyalty

Insurers reward customers who stay with them as well as those who carry multiple forms of coverage. For instance, when you look for a discount term life insurance policy, think about also taking out a car or home insurance policy with the same company if possible. Doing so might qualify you for the multiple-policy discount, which will save you money on your life insurance and any other policies you have with the carrier.

Get Healthier

Losing a few pounds, kicking a nicotine habit, and lowering your blood pressure are just a few examples of lifestyle changes you can make to become eligible for discount term life insurance. Non-smokers with a healthy BMI (body mass index) and blood pressure are most likely to qualify for the best rates, so it pays to get and stay healthy. Even if you can't qualify for the best rate class, you might be still be able to reduce your premiums by making a few positive changes.

Look to Organizations

If you belong to a professional organization or similar group, you might have access to discount term life insurance with certain carriers because of your membership. When you retrieve quotes on our site, you can look into the companies that offer the most competitive coverage to see if any discounts are available through your organizational affiliations. The organizations to which you belong may also be able to direct you toward carriers that offer special prices to their members.