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Short Term Life Insurance

This year alone, one in every ten Americans will switch jobs and experience a gap in health and/or life insurance coverage. These lapses are extremely risky because your beneficiaries would receive nothing if something happened to you in the interim. To combat this risk, most carriers offer short term life insurance. Such coverage offers a very abbreviated term, but one that is also long enough to allow you to transition to a new job with life insurance coverage. Because insurance life short term policies cater to the unemployed and those in career transitions, the coverage is extremely affordable. Read on to find out how you can see prices on the short term life insurance policy that is the best fit for you.

Terms and Benefits

Most term life insurance short policyholders purchase the coverage to see them through a temporary life change, such as a loss of employment or leaving one job to pursue another. These transitional periods typically do not last long, which is why the average short term life insurance policy has a term of 12 months or less. Otherwise, insurers are very flexible on the term you would like for your policy. Three-month, six-month, and nine-month terms are popular choices with most consumers. Short term life policies also frequently include a renewal option up to a certain point, so you can continue your coverage if your job search takes longer than expected.

Short term life insurance is intended to be a fallback plan to carry you through a temporary lapse in coverage, so the death benefits are usually not as large as those of traditional term life policies. With most insurers, you will find term life insurance short death benefits that range from $50,000 - $100,000 with no medical exam required. Some carriers may offer up to $250,000 in short-term coverage depending on your circumstances. To see how much protection you can qualify for, request a free quote on a short term life insurance policy now.

Costs of Term Life Insurance Short

The costs of term life insurance short policies are substantially cheaper than standard term life policies. The abbreviated term and fairly small death benefit of short term life insurance allows carriers to charge very low premiums for them. In most cases, the policyholder can prepay for the entire coverage term or make monthly installment payments. See how cheap insurance life short term protection can be by requesting your free quote through the sign-up box above.