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Term Life Insurance for People in the Military

Because of the perilous circumstances in which they serve, members of the United States military on active duty have a particularly acute need for adequate term life insurance coverage. Through the U.S. government, military personnel may take advantage of the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) program, which is low-cost life insurance available to members of all branches of the armed forces. In many cases, however, SGLI coverage is insufficient for soldiers, which is why supplementary military term life insurance is a popular choice among military personnel. Read on to learn why you might consider a term life military insurance policy if you are on active duty.

Adequacy of SGLI

Soldiers put their lives on the line as soon as deployment occurs, and of course they want to protect the loved ones they leave behind while on their tour of duty. Consequently, most service members choose to opt in to SGLI, which allows military personnel to purchase life insurance in $50,000 increments up to a maximum of $400,000. For service members with young children, large families, or significant amounts of debt, however, SGLI may not be enough. In these cases, members of the armed forces explore private military term life insurance to supplement or replace their SGLI policies.

Advantages of Private Military Term Life Coverage

In recognition of service members' sacrifice, most life insurance carriers tend to offer extremely generous and fairly priced term life insurance military policies. Such policies are intended to meet the unique needs of military personnel and afford maximum financial protection to the dependents of active members. Private military term life insurance typically offers the following special benefits to people in the armed forces:

  • Expedited review. Carriers understand the exigent need for coverage among service members about to be deployed and will accelerate the review of their applications to ensure coverage.
  • Affordable supplementary protection. If you have dependents who rely on your income, it's always a good idea to err on the side of caution with military term life insurance. If you're not confident SGLI will provide your loved ones with sufficient coverage, term life insurance military coverage can give you peace of mind while you are on active duty.
  • Coverage during war time. Typical term life policies might stipulate an exclusion for death during war time, but military term life policies almost always will pay benefits in the event of a death during time of war.
  • Severe injury benefits. In the line of duty, death is always a possibility, but severe disability is far more likely. Military term life insurance policies account for this reality by including severe injury benefits up to a certain amount with the typical coverage. Request quotes on these term life insurance military policies by entering your information into the field above at any time.